Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Vampire Count Black Coach

Going to show you how I build my Vampire Count Black Coach.

The wagon is the small house from the Garden of Morr...
The wheels are from Lego! I was dam bloody lucky to have found it selling for lose at a local toy store for like 50 cents each, the cairnwraith is from Reaper miniatures.

I decided to keep the stems at the horses foot and cut slots at the bottom of the base to further secure them and make them stronger.

I wanted to buy the coffin with the vampire bit from ebay but decided the poorhammer in me will make a cheap foam version of it, as its going to be dark and you can't really see

It's going to be dark inside, so some shape on the coffin is just enough if you can't resist peeping...hee hee...

Chaining up the horses to the wagon is the toughest part as I've pinned it and connect it all the way to the wraith's body to show as if he's holding to it.

The curtain is actually wavy cardboard ! The 2 lamps are bits filed to appropriate size and glued to the side.

Black Coach done!! Now onwards to priming and painting !!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

More Damels and ladies

Hurray, my ebay stuff arrived today!!

They are from Reaper miniatures :

These 2 minis are Hannah Blackruby, Wizard 03329 and Tinley,Female Wizard 03563
both will work as Bretonnian Damsels for my Bretonnian army !

They produce some of the best minis at affordable prices, and the range allow you to mix and match if you are not too bothered about it or going to sanctioned tournaments!

Looking forward to have them painted !~

Meanwhile, my bretonnian army WIP. They are about 40 percent painted and largely still in progress.

My trebuchet and Chimera are amongst it !

Monday, 26 March 2012

Defensive Stakes

De Rochefort's article on defensive stakes at the Round Table of Bretonnia is soo cool that I have to have a go at it ! My old edition Bretonnian archers would need them as they dont come with DIY away!

First off, some disposable chopsticks! These are easily availble but some twigs or dowel wood would do just fine! Some chains and some balsa 20mm wide balsa wood strips.

They are cut to appropriate length:

From this point onwards, I used a hotglue gun instead, including making the metal bands connecting to the chains! Its pretty crude compared to De Rochefort's lol..

As hotglue are no known for being v "sticky" or strong in their bond, I smeared it all over the place and interconnect the glue like "roots" to the stakes [see above] so that the contact is stronger.

  • The whole thing is brush painted with black as primer.
  • The stakes are simply painted with any wood color and the sharp point bonewhite.
  • The metal band and chains are drybrushed with boltgun metal.
The "metal bands" connecting the chains are a bit crude and too thick in the beginning, but after getting used to controlling the flow of the hotglue, I quickly apply thin amounts consistently to more resemble metal rings.

And three more I have four now!  I hotglue some rocks, smear the base with watered down PVA, add sand and its done! Now waiting for the PVA to dry, and apply one more layer to strengthen it.

Oh, in case you wonder, below are the case file of Vallejo paints I have..very great paints!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

A Note about Wargaming on a Budget

Not every wargame needs to kill your wallet. For newcomers to old veterans alike, it really depends on your interests and the feel about it.

I have a bunch of fellow men who only play GW, spend endless amounts of money on the expensive models and new editions.

For new people trying to have a taste of wargaming or would like to play with their miniatures, some free and good rules are out there! You just have to look hard enough and HAVE AN ACCOMPLICE or a few more to make it last!

Here, I present to you some of the free rules that are easy to use and doesnt have all that nonsense, endless,buying of new codex/editions and keep telling you your rulebook is outdated !

Horde of the Things
(click on above to go to wiki link, the FREE rules are available for downloading at the bottom of the wiki page)

This simple fantasy wargame rules allow you to build and collect minis ranging from 6mm to 25/28mm depending on your preference and budget. It has a huge following and there are conversions to Sci-Fi and other genre too.

The sci-fi conversion of HoTT can be found here:
by Humberside Wargames Society

You can join the Yahoo! Group here:

Always download and print a copy, and save a copy in case they removed it! Like what GW has done to their specialist games like Necromunda, Mordheim,etc. Slowly killing their business indeed !

Free Wargame Rules
(click on above link to go to site)

The site contain a collection of wargame rules covering different genre, from carwars like games to Sci-Fi to WW2, from simple to complex ones.

You can always download a copy, have it printed and organised a game or 2 showing off your collection of minis and models, have fun and rope your friends in!

Before you fully commit and invest, you can always use counters, chips to represent them if you are conscious whether the rules will work for you.

If you simply like buying minis and collecting them, what are you waiting for? Just go ahead already!

Have a look, and have fun!


My Bretonnians need a trebuchet [actually 2, lets see I can muster enough determination to build another!], but the official one is expensive, and as I have many bits and plastics lying around, might as well build one!~

Any seasoned Bretonnian players should be familar with

A fantastic site where all the knights and generals of Bretonnia gather and discuss tactics, modelling and everything Bretonnian !

As I scoured through the postings, some of the dudes there have made their own trebuchets from scratch and even cast them !

Rafael de Bois et Guilbert (Rafael) 's trebuchet

So, first of, I have some square rods lined up according :

The square rods are cutted up and glued, with a thin strip of plastic glue in between the rods with two studs to resemble metal works with bolt-ons.

 Two were made.Make sure the dimensions are the same so they can fit later.

The counter-weight are made from light weight foam! They are about 1cm thick so two pieces are glued together with PVA and cut to good shape.

Some spare foam are cut to be glued to the base later to resemble rocks [ammo] lying around for ye peasants to load them into the trebuchet. The "leather" rock holder is from a thick card, later to be soften with wet PVA.

The main pole was from a disposable chopstick, with a bit of a jeweller's chains attached by hanging a paperclip to it. The counter-weight "rock" are glued with 2 strips of cardboard from those postcards.

A shield shape was cutted from those free postcards and glued to the rock counter-weight too.

The rope were some kite strings but it wasn't thick enough! So I twist 2 strings together by using a drill gun, but before that, I wet them with PVA glue so they'll stick togther!

After assembling all the pieces together:

It was quickly brushed with black acrylic as a primer, then painted up !

The finished product :

Onwards to lobbing rocks at the enemy !!

Chimera on the Cheap

While shopping, I came across this pack of cheap plastic animals :

Something tells me this is dying to be converted, and I remember my Bretonnian damsels might just need a Chimera for the Lore of Beasts spell when they cast Transformation of Kadon...hell, you might just need it for a DnD game!

So off we go!

The Chimera is supposed to have a lion head, a goat and a dragon, so I google the web for some pic reference besides the one in the GW website, one of the pics :

(picture from

The pack does'nt have a dragon's head! So how?? You can either substitute it with a dragon head bit you can find on ebay, or any dragon toy figure of appropriate size, but with the art of poorhammer, I used the Rhino head that came with it LOL...

They are then pinned and hotglued to the lion's body.
The material is a little bit of a softplastic, so you can drill and pin it with paperclip easily.
Make sure the hotglue is hot [!] so the plastic will melt properly and glue to the surface, and any gaps are also filled with hotglue. You can do it with greenstuff  if you happened to have some lying around. Hotglue works fine too.

A part of spare wings I got from ebay from some abandoned project was added to the body, again by pinning.

It is then hotglued to a 50mmx100mm plasticard base, with 2 dressmakers pins drilled up from the bottom of the base thru 2 of the chimera's legs to make sure its tought enough to withstanding some rough handling when playing on the gameboard [IF I ever get to play]

The horns of the goat and rhino were sharpened by carefully carving it with my trusty knife. It is then brushed primed black with cheap acrylics :

They are then painted with Vallejo's paints and a layer of white wood working glue [or PVA glue] is smear onto the base, then added basing sand from armypainter [brown battleground] or you can use fine sand or cat litter. Give it another coat of watered-down PVA glue after it dries to ensure the sand doesn't fall off easily. You can add flock or bigger stones for better effect.

The completed work:

Done! The cheap-mira! HAHAH I think it's pronounced "Kai-me-rah" lol..

Thanks for viewing.

Hello ! Finally my own Wargaming and hobby Blog! [and probably other stuff]

After dambling for almost 20+ years playing with wargames, DnD, warhammer and 40K, I've finally done it! Create a blog to record all the stuff I've done, and share with people [hopefully], the stuff I've enjoyed and made.

Let me share with you my journey of buying, painting and making models, minis and along the way, I'll show u how I make my stuff and WHAT NOT TO DO, there by wasting time and money and make the hobby more enjoyable!

One of my WIP warhammer Vampire Counts Army.

Made up of a Reaper Miniature vampire, A heroclix figure and a Mordheim mini as a necromancer.

A vampire count made from High elf Dragon lord with a ghoul's head:

Mixing and Matching minis in your Warhammer or 40K games? Why not? You may not be able to play in tournaments, but you can play with you friends! That said, if going to tournaments and sanctioned games is that important, you can by all means collect "Official" minis.

Me, I'll like to cut back a little and do what's enjoyable, no need to Your way or the Highway, Its My way....LOL

Recently I've got to converting stuff and having a little fun scratchbuilding.

Want a model Chimera for your Lore of Beasts spell but can't afford like USD41.25 for the real deal?

From a pack of cheap [SGD5.90 /abt USD4.70],

Into a Chimera :
More on that later!

BUT dont get me wrong, GW's models are great and all, and if you guys [and some gals, where are you] can and afford it, by all means get the real deal, GW stuff we all love and hate.

But if you like a little quick project on a budget, I'll show you how I did it my way, and hopefully you'll enjoy it as well.

I'll also show you some of my WWII stuff, model kits and toys I've accumulated [the studyroom is becoming a warehouse....]...tsk tsk

Meanwhile, thanks for viewing !