Monday, 29 October 2012

Star Wars Trashbashed Freighter -Painted! PART 3

What began as a junk build :

Followed by the WIP:

Finally done with painting! But who knows, might just add a splash of paint here and there later lol...

Quick paint job, nothing to shout about, what could have been better:

- use putty to cover up the hotglue marks
- more weathering

Thanks for viewing !

 Thanks to the guys at TMP,
who were able to come up with an assortment of names for this freighter, some were good, some er...LOL

I shall called it, the BANTHA EXPRESS, given the 4 xYakult thrusters looks like the stouty legs of the animal LOL

It is ready to smuggle some deathsticks to the Ewoks on Endor!!

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