Sunday, 28 October 2012

Star Wars -ish Freighter Painting WIP PART 2

Followed by the build yesterday

Alright, slapping on some paint and WIP :

Note : The ship has false floorings to smuggle Deathsticks to the Ewoks in Endor.

Some thoughts:

When slapping paint on it, remember to add gradual highlights, and have lighter tones around the edges, in this case, the base color is Vallejo's Neutral Grey, followed by successive mix of Bone White.

Some red stripes were painted, these were purposely painted carelessly to resemble the "used-space effect" or to give the ship a shoddy look.

The cockpit [Yakult bottle]was given a initial gloss coat.

A left over Sergeant Keroro toy sticker was used to stick wordings and decals but they have common numerics! No Aurebesh but oh well....I have a bunch of left over water-slide decals but too bloody lazy to use them..stickers are fast and good LOL.

Pic taken with casting crew [not confirmed yet as there are some more auditions on the line for the upcoming space opera heheheh].

Not finished yet, where's my detail brush...hmmm...


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