Friday, 28 March 2014

Project List

Date : 29March2014....

The tons of stuff I am getting, from model kits, to minis to books and stuff..I need to record now the stuff I need to do NOW, so as to keep in persecptive instead of jumping here and there and not getting anyhting done at all.

So here it goes :

1)  Ork Big Bomma - Body from bleach bottle, sprayer bottles and materials gathering in progress.

2) Mech Diorama - Gather all the mechs and bases and make a display.

3) Ork Dakkajet - have already finished one, will post pics soon, and go ahead and make another!

4) Ork Battlewagon - WIP.

5) Terrain for my FAD (Fast and Dirty Army) - which should include some shanty african towns, mining equipment, hills.

6) Gun Drones from correction tape dispensers ! This could probaby be used in Infinity-ish or some sci-fi skirmish games more suited for 28mm scale. This was inspired by that Tom Cruise futuristic film : Oblivion. The ones in the film is a ball shaped thingy, this is not.

7) Locust Mech  DONE  LINK HERE from Correct tape dispenser - have this in the plans for pretty long, but its done!

8) Battetech Dropship from Hamterball - I have the ball. LOL.

9) Do a FAD (Fast and Dirty) battle report and  review.

10) Build some facehuggers for my Aliens project. Saw some guy at Frothers Unite did it with some wires..must make some...

The list is definitely waaaay longer than this one but just to keep things in the radar, I will just focus on these 10 items first...Amen.

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