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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

More Damels and ladies

Hurray, my ebay stuff arrived today!!

They are from Reaper miniatures :

These 2 minis are Hannah Blackruby, Wizard 03329 and Tinley,Female Wizard 03563
both will work as Bretonnian Damsels for my Bretonnian army !

They produce some of the best minis at affordable prices, and the range allow you to mix and match if you are not too bothered about it or going to sanctioned tournaments!

Looking forward to have them painted !~

Meanwhile, my bretonnian army WIP. They are about 40 percent painted and largely still in progress.

My trebuchet and Chimera are amongst it !

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Chimera on the Cheap

While shopping, I came across this pack of cheap plastic animals :

Something tells me this is dying to be converted, and I remember my Bretonnian damsels might just need a Chimera for the Lore of Beasts spell when they cast Transformation of Kadon...hell, you might just need it for a DnD game!

So off we go!

The Chimera is supposed to have a lion head, a goat and a dragon, so I google the web for some pic reference besides the one in the GW website, one of the pics :

(picture from

The pack does'nt have a dragon's head! So how?? You can either substitute it with a dragon head bit you can find on ebay, or any dragon toy figure of appropriate size, but with the art of poorhammer, I used the Rhino head that came with it LOL...

They are then pinned and hotglued to the lion's body.
The material is a little bit of a softplastic, so you can drill and pin it with paperclip easily.
Make sure the hotglue is hot [!] so the plastic will melt properly and glue to the surface, and any gaps are also filled with hotglue. You can do it with greenstuff  if you happened to have some lying around. Hotglue works fine too.

A part of spare wings I got from ebay from some abandoned project was added to the body, again by pinning.

It is then hotglued to a 50mmx100mm plasticard base, with 2 dressmakers pins drilled up from the bottom of the base thru 2 of the chimera's legs to make sure its tought enough to withstanding some rough handling when playing on the gameboard [IF I ever get to play]

The horns of the goat and rhino were sharpened by carefully carving it with my trusty knife. It is then brushed primed black with cheap acrylics :

They are then painted with Vallejo's paints and a layer of white wood working glue [or PVA glue] is smear onto the base, then added basing sand from armypainter [brown battleground] or you can use fine sand or cat litter. Give it another coat of watered-down PVA glue after it dries to ensure the sand doesn't fall off easily. You can add flock or bigger stones for better effect.

The completed work:

Done! The cheap-mira! HAHAH I think it's pronounced "Kai-me-rah" lol..

Thanks for viewing.