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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Vampire Count Black Coach

Going to show you how I build my Vampire Count Black Coach.

The wagon is the small house from the Garden of Morr...
The wheels are from Lego! I was dam bloody lucky to have found it selling for lose at a local toy store for like 50 cents each, the cairnwraith is from Reaper miniatures.

I decided to keep the stems at the horses foot and cut slots at the bottom of the base to further secure them and make them stronger.

I wanted to buy the coffin with the vampire bit from ebay but decided the poorhammer in me will make a cheap foam version of it, as its going to be dark and you can't really see

It's going to be dark inside, so some shape on the coffin is just enough if you can't resist peeping...hee hee...

Chaining up the horses to the wagon is the toughest part as I've pinned it and connect it all the way to the wraith's body to show as if he's holding to it.

The curtain is actually wavy cardboard ! The 2 lamps are bits filed to appropriate size and glued to the side.

Black Coach done!! Now onwards to priming and painting !!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

More Damels and ladies

Hurray, my ebay stuff arrived today!!

They are from Reaper miniatures :

These 2 minis are Hannah Blackruby, Wizard 03329 and Tinley,Female Wizard 03563
both will work as Bretonnian Damsels for my Bretonnian army !

They produce some of the best minis at affordable prices, and the range allow you to mix and match if you are not too bothered about it or going to sanctioned tournaments!

Looking forward to have them painted !~

Meanwhile, my bretonnian army WIP. They are about 40 percent painted and largely still in progress.

My trebuchet and Chimera are amongst it !