Sunday, 28 October 2012

Star War -ish Freighter on the cheap... Scratchbuilt and trashbashing a spaceship PART 1

I am still a big fan of Starwars Miniature Battles after all these years, and after accumulating enough junk, I've finally decided to build one freighter on the cheap. This could be used as a prop, background terrain piece, or simply a possible gaming piece.

First of, some of the important tools used :

The cutter on the bottom has a thick, short blade which is very useful for cutting thick plastic, its better than the orange paper cutter I have next to the scissors. For people who like to trashbash and clobber common household items into their mad modelling fantasies, I could recommend the drill and hotgule gun enough!

Some of the items:

 A cheap water bottle.
Yakult bottles! I used five of them, one was used as the cockpit. The design and paint scheme will more or less mimick/copy the Millenium Falcon:
Of course it will be very different, but I hope the paint scheme will more or less go in that way hehehe...

After hotgluing all the parts together...

The twin lasers are made from an empty dental floss casing and 2 plastic tubes.
Some cards and various junks like contact lens casing, etc are then PVA glued on the body of the ship.

1. When hotguling the parts together, drill a few holes on both sides so the hotglue will flow inside both parts and lock it so the hold is stronger.

2. Use some sandpaper to sand down the surface of the plastic so that paint will stick better before you prime it.

Now onwards to painting !!

Now whats a good name for the ship....



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  1. I must say that is amazeing considering what it was made out of - well done that man

    "the force is strong with this one"